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Carbon Paw Print


registered dogs in the US that go potty everyday


plastic poop bags are annually used worldwide


of air bacteria comes from dog poop


fecal coliform bacteria per 1 gram of dog poop



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Many dog owners love having days to lounge by the pool with their furry companion with temperatures rising. Before you take your furry friend out for a day of fun by the pool, ensure you know how to keep your dog safe when they are by the water. To prevent water accidents from occurring, dog owners should follow these steps.
Everybody loves an adorable dog picture. However, taking a great pic of an excitable,
squirming pup isn't always easy. If you like to share photos of your four-legged friend on
Instagram, these hacks can help you take your snaps to the next level.
Why is it that most people seem to pass along that 7 year myth? It was actually based on the fact that statistically dogs live until they are about 10 years old and humans live to about 70, so you would simply average those numbers, but scientists have found that it is a lot more complex than that. 
The dog is often known as a man's best friend. Dogs have a unique way of captivating our hearts, putting a smile on our faces when we are down, and overall being incredibly entertaining. It is no wonder that some of the greatest movies have our favorite furry animal as their lead. Grab some popcorn and a bag of your dog's favorite treats, and be prepared to laugh and cry with your favorite furry friend. Whether you are looking for a sappy love story, comedy, animated film, or a tear-jerker, this list has you covered. Keep reading if you want to find out which dog-centered movies you should watch. 
How is it that, after long periods of times, the dogs remember their owner, and what other things are dogs capable of remembering? 

Many of us like to celebrate our birthdays in unique ways and if we’re so inclined, celebrate our dogs’ birthdays too! While dogs aren’t necessarily going to understand that the gathering is for them, humans can use it as an excuse to celebrate their dog and hang out with their friends’ dogs. 

While other factors are important, consistency can help us determine problems straight away. A healthy dog poop must not be too hard nor liquidy, just firm. It can have cracks on the surface but mustn't leave any residue when picked. It can be soft and moist too, which lacks cracks but must maintain shape.
PART-I COLOR This blog talks about what might be wrong with your dog in respect to the colour of their excreta. Symptoms will be listed and if you find something familiar with your own dog, you could take them to the veterinarian .
While often use “biodegradable” and “compostable”interchangeably , they mean two different things.The term biodegradable only indicates that something can be broken down by bacteria or other living organisms. Compostable means
that something can be broken down into organic matter or non-toxic natural elements.
Togo was a decorated lead sled dog, covered five times the miles as Balto, and even saved his team from drifting away on an ice floe on the way back from the relay.