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Working for yourself as a digital nomad can be a great move when you need a little flexibility in your life. The journey takes on an added layer of excitement, however, when you include your pet. This guide, courtesy of Curbicus, is designed to help you harmonize the nomadic lifestyle with your pet's needs, and it ensures a smooth transition for both of you into this new way of living. You'll find invaluable insights for blending travel, work, and pet care seamlessly. Let’s get started!
The role of pets and animals in the sphere of addiction recovery is a topic of growing interest and importance. These creatures, often seen as mere companions, hold a deeper significance in the healing process. Their presence offers more than just companionship; it extends into realms of emotional support, physical health improvement, and psychological stability, crucial for those on the path to recovery. In this article, courtesy of Curbicus, we’ll take a look at a few ways pets can help during the recovery process.
The adolescent years are filled with infinite possibilities, making it the perfect time to explore unique passions and interests. For those with a deep love for dogs and a spark of entrepreneurial spirit, embarking on a journey to start a pet care business might be the perfect path. This comprehensive guide shared by Curbicus offers insightful steps for teen dog-lovers aspiring to transform their passion into a rewarding business.
Dogs are beloved members of the family, and it’s important to make sure that they stay healthy and fit. There are many ways to keep your pup in tip-top shape, from providing a balanced diet to spending quality time with them. Here are some tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy, courtesy ofCurbicus.
As more assisted living communities are noticing how having a furry companion by their side benefits older adults, seniors planning to move into a retirement home don’t have to worry about having to leave their beloved pets behind. Here, Curbicus has put together some tips to help you find the right facility and make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your furry companion:
Have you ever been playing with your dog or they’re giving you kisses and you suddenly get a whiff of their stinky breath? Well, that could be because their teeth need to be cleaned! Yes, you read that right! Dogs’ teeth, just like every other part of them, require special care and cleaning their teeth can even make their breath stink a little bit less! It’s a win for both you and your pup.

Bringing home a new pet is a joyous occasion, but when you’re also starting a business at the same time, creating a plan that allows you to care for your pet while managing your professional goals can be tricky. 

Use these ideas to create a plan for bringing home a new pet while starting a business:

Knowing CPR in dogs is important and can actually save your dog's life! Especially when they just love to put things in their mouth that don’t belong and then run away with it. So just in case that game turns into a life threatening situation, here are some helpful tips.
Here at Curbicus we are trying to help the environment one drop of dog poop at a time and though our device is handy, clean, and environmentally friendly, there are also some other ways you and your pup can help the environment evenbefore your dog poops! 

During the hot summertime, it is hard to stay cool, everything under the summer seems to be scorching hot and that can be very uncomfortable for people and for dogs it can become dangerous. Even a short walk can lead to heatstroke in your pup, so imagine the dangers of leaving your dog in the car!

Dogs play a significant role in our lives. It is no wonder we would want our significant others to adore our furry companions as much as we do. I have put together a list of dog-friendly date ideas that you and your significant other are sure to love.
I’ve noticed a common trope in cartoons where dogs will take anything they find and bury it somewhere and it got me wondering as towhy they like to bury their bones and toys, getting themselves, their treats, and our yards all dirty! There are actually a few reasons!