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Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Many dog owners love having days to lounge by the pool with their furry companion with temperatures rising. Before you take your furry friend out for a day of fun by the pool, ensure you know how to keep your dog safe when they are by the water. To prevent water accidents from occurring, dog owners should follow these steps.

Never Leave Your Dog Unattended Around Water

No matter how strong of a swimmer your dog is, it only takes seconds for something terrible to happen. Keep a close eye on your dog when they are near water. 

Invest in a Life Jacket 

No matter your dog’s swimming abilities, all dogs who spend time in or around water should wear a life jacket. Life jackets are essential for keeping your dog afloat if their legs get too tired to keep on paddling or they get stuck in a strong current. 

Understand Your Dog's Breed

 Some breeds are better suited for water than others. 

Take Breaks

Swimming is a tiring activity. Ensure your dog has enough breaks because tired dogs are more susceptible to drowning.

Take Dog CPR Classes

CPR classes will give you the tools to save your dog’s life in an emergency.

Rinse Dogs Off After Swimming

Chorine and salt water can be damaging to your dog’s skin. Ensure that you rinse your dog off after a day near the water. Dry your dog off, especially in and around their ears, to prevent infection. 

Bring Drinking Water

Pool/ beach water may be fun for dogs to splash around in, but they are not safe for drinking. Ensure you have plenty of water for your furry friend to keep them hydrated. 

Check Water Conditions 

Ensure the water is not too cold and the water current is at a level your dog can safely swim in. 

I hope this article gave tips on keeping your dog safe while having a fun day by the water. 

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Photo by Bethany Ferr from Pexels 

Written by Sophia Erivbieta