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How to Take Great Pictures of Your Dog for Instagram

Everybody loves an adorable dog picture. However, taking a great pic of an excitable, squirming pup isn't always easy. If you like to share photos of your four-legged friend on Instagram, these hacks can help you take your snaps to the next level

Get your pet looking their best

Make sure your dog is ready to shine with these preparatory steps.

  • Give your dog a good brushing so their coat is gleamingahead of their shoot.
  • Trim your pup's nails.This is especially important if you're going to take pictures with your dog, as you don't want their nails scratching you.
  • Can't handle brushing and nail-clipping yourself? No problem.Find a nearby groomer to take care of the tasks.

Invest in accessories and tools to up your Instagram game

These supplies can help make your Insta photos pop.

  • Research pet products like clippers and food online viaPets Digest, so you have all the goods you need to ensure your dog looks and feels their best.
  • If you're shooting outside, keep your pet comfy with the right pet clothing and accessories. For example, if you're shooting near water,a puppy life vest is great.
  • When shooting with your phone, get some accessories to create better pictures.Options include a tripod stand and ring light.

 Prepare for the perfect shot

Make sure your dog is an obedient model with these tricks.

  • Learn how to get your dog to sit still for photos, for example by using treats to direct their attention.
  • Make sure the background of the shot is free of unwanted sights—like a pile of dog poop! Bring amodern scooper to keep the space clean.
  • Know how to frame photos so that your dog isfront and center.

Create a compelling post

Once you have your photo, it's time to create a great Inta post. These tools can help.

Social media is flooded with dog pictures. If you want yours to stand out, you've got to go the extra mile. The above tools and tricks can help you reach the next level.


Cindy Aldridge is passionate about dogs and pets and loves sharing her thoughts and insights on being a responsible dog owner. When she isn’t busy writing, she spends all her time with her two fluffy golden retrievers.