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How to Manage Living in Two Different Cities: Tips for Pet Owners

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Do you own homes in multiple states? Multi-state living arrangements are not uncommon, especially for business owners who need to travel frequently and retired folks who live in different regions during summer and winter. Living in more than one home is complicated enough as it is. But if you also have a pet, you will need to take a few extra steps to stay organized and keep your spending under control. Here are some tips to help minimize stress for you and your furry friend!

Invest in Convenient Pet Products

The right supplies will make it a lot easier to care for your pet as you move between homes. Make sure each house is well-stocked with pet food, treats, supplies, first aid items, and any medications your pet takes so you don't have to remember to pack all of this stuff every time you travel. 

You may also want to invest in a few pet products to make on-the-go pet care a breeze. For example,  Curbicus  offers a clean and modern solution to pet waste that is perfectly travel-friendly. Real Simple suggests some other handy pet care supplies including a pet water fountain, a timed pet food dispenser, and a self-cleaning litter box. You could even purchase a programmable pet door for each of your homes so you can let your pet out in the morning without getting out of bed! Look for unbiased product reviews from pet professionals and veterinarians to ensure your new pet care gadgets will keep your pet healthy and safe.

Know How to Store Dog Food Properly

If you’ll be traveling between states often, you’ll likely have open bags of pet food at each home. Know how to store this food properly to maximize its shelf life and keep your pets from getting sick. According to Great Pet Care, the best place to store dog food  is in the original bag inside an air-tight storage bin. This is because dog food packaging is specially designed to reduce bacteria growth and maintain freshness. Before leaving for your other home, pop your leftover dog food in the freezer to keep it fresh until your return!

Keep Your Pet Healthy to Save on Vet Costs

Vet fees can vary significantly in different states and cities. One way to reduce your vet costs is to take your pet for annual checkups and vaccinations in the city where veterinarian services are more affordable. Still, health emergencies on the road can mean paying large fees for vet care when you’re elsewhere in the country. Do what you can to keep your pet healthy and safe so you can minimize the need for emergency vet care and expensive treatments. Pet-proof each of
your homes to prevent doggie disasters and learn how to keep your pet safe on travel days to prevent accidents and illnesses.

Research Your Expected Costs in Different Cities

Establishing a household budget can help you reign in your spending when you live in more than one home. Do some research to find out what kinds of costs you can expect when you’re living in different cities:

  • There are a number of choices for San Diego storage with an average monthly cost of $141.60.
  • The average cost for a routine vet visit  is $67.95 in New York.
  • Seattle homeowners spend anywhere from $115 to $227 for maid services.
  • Full coverage car insurance in Houston costs an average of $2,106 annually.
  • The average food cost per person in Chicago is $299 per month.

Whether you’re thinking about buying a second home or you already own homes in more than one state, planning ahead is key to making this arrangement work. Make sure your homes are stocked and set up to accommodate your pet, learn how to protect the health of your furry friend, and research your anticipated expenses in each state. Being prepared will ensure you and your pet get the most out of multi-state living!

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