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Quick Tips to Prevent Doggie Disasters at Home

We love our furry friends  immensely, and we know they love us too. Despite this, doggie disasters do occur when we live together. Whether it's chewing up your favorite pair of shoes or leaving a little surprise on your expensive rug, we’ve all been there. However, our team at  Curbicus believes that it is easy to avoid these common doggie disasters with a bit of forethought and preparation. How? Keep reading to find out.


Create Comfort

Dogs are just  like us humans - they need to be comfortable to feel at home. Be sure your pet has places to lounge and relax, such as doggie beds or comfy cushions inside their crate. To make your dog feel safe and protected, you could leave their bed in the living room or by the bedroom door so they know you’re always around.  PreventativeVet writes that it’s important to provide them with a safe space to mitigate disasters (ripping, chewing, tearing, jumping, etc.) caused by temper tantrums. If your dog drools a lot (or is prone to accidents), make sure you opt for a  waterproof dog bed. Just ensure it's machine washable for convenience, and you’re good to go!


Dog Proof the House

According to  Gallup, roughly 1 in 6 Americans owns a dog. But many of these dog owners fail to consider the fact that puppies or untrained older dogs are a lot like babies - they can cause disaster in their wake. Thus, you’ll need to  dog-proof your home. Keep any dangerous and valuable items like knives and laptops well out of reach. Anything even remotely resembling food will be snatched up and can potentially cause a mess, so keep that under lock too. You will also want to shut rooms to specific doors and use baby gates to keep them out of rooms they shouldn’t be in. And remember - doggie proofing isn’t just to avoid messes - it’s to keep your pooch safe too.


Create Routine

Dogs and messes go hand in hand. Even older or well-trained dogs can accidentally go to the bathroom at a time or space they weren’t meant to. While potty training from a young age is the easiest way to prevent this, creating a set routine can go a long way in preventing accidents. Take them to do their business at the exact same time each day, so they start  associating potty time with the outdoors. Creating stability will also ensure they wait to go. Don’t forget to reward good behavior with treats and lots of praise!

Give Them a Workout

Is your dog more the type to destroy your property? This could be because they have too much pent-up energy or aggression left in them. Remember, dogs need regular exercise - and lots of it. Long walks and lots of playtimes will be essential to keep your dog happy and occupied. In addition, offer them  mental stimulation with doggie games. A combination of physical and psychological exercise should keep them from barking too much, getting into the trash, or destroying your belongings. Their energy will instead be spent up from the training, leaving them only the time to relax and settle down. 

Your pooch may mean the best, but it is common for things to go awry the minute you turn your back. To help your dog be the best version of themselves, you need to set them up for doggy success. Provide your friend with an environment that encourages good choices, provides routine, and most importantly - satisfies their needs. Happy (pet) parenting!

We all need a little extra help when it comes to the, well, grosser side of doggie disasters. Yep, we’re talking about picking up the poop. Curbicus offers compostable capsule solutions, so you never need to touch dog waste again - and it’s good for the environment too! Click here to check out  the product today.

 Tyler hopes Dog Zasters will bring joy to those who visit the site and encourage people to welcome the love of a dog into their lives.