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10 Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

If you’re a dog owner, Halloween is most likely one of the most wonderful times of the year. I mean, what better way to spend Halloween than to dress up with your furry friend? Keep reading if you need costume inspiration this Halloween.

Batman and Robin

Ok, so how cute is this? You and your cute sidekick are protecting the streets from bad people.

Dorothy & The Cowardly Lion 

This is the perfect costume if you are a fan ofThe Wizard of Oz. First, your puppy will need to find a lion’s mane, and you’ll need Dorthy’s signature outfit and the infamous red slippers. 

Harry Potter

Calling all the Harry Potterlovers! If you are anything like me andHarry Potter is one of your favorite movie series, this is the perfect costume. You and your dog can dress up in your favorite house’s uniform.

Witch and Goblin 

When you think of Halloween, you often think of witches and goblins. A simple witch hat and clock and your dog in a goblin outfit is all you need to get into the Halloween spirit.

Chucky and Chucky’s Bride 

For something more spooky, you and your dog can be Chucky characters. 

Freaky Friday Dog Addition 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in someone else’s body? This Halloween, you can try that by swapping places with your dog. For the night, your dog gets to dress up as you and you, and you get to wear an adorable pair of dog ears. To take this costume to the next level, you can get a wig for your dog that matches your hair color. 

Ariel and Sebastian

Why not spend this Halloween under the sea as Sebastian and Ariel? Your four-legged friend can be the crab, and you can be Ariel.

Lilo and Stitch 

If you are a 2000s child like me, you may have grown up watchingLilo & Stitch. For a nostalgic feel, you and your dog can dress up as Lilo and Stitch this Halloween. 


Imagine seeing a pair of minions walking around Halloween night. How cute would that be? For this costume, all you need is two minion costumes. 


If you are a marvel fan, this is a great costume. This Halloween, you can dress up as Thor, and your dog can dress up as Thor’s trusted hammer Mijölnir.

I hope this article gave suggestions for costumes you can wear this Halloween.

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Photo by Asia Kaser from Pexels 

Written by Sophia Erivbieta