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Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

With summer around the corner, many people want to get their summer bodies right. Why not get in shape with your favorite furry friend? Keep reading this article if you are interested in ways that you and your dog can get fit. 

Going for a walk 

Walking is the perfect exercise for people of all ages due to it’s low-stress nature. Usually, when we take dogs on a walk, we lead the dog down which path they should take. Why not switch things up this time around and allow the dog to lead and follow them where they go.

Doggy Yoga 

Doggy yoga, aka Doga, is just as good for your dog as it is for you. Doga is great for dogs with orthopedic issues as doga helps improve joint health and muscle mass. Doga is also a great bonding opportunity for you and your dog. 

Going Swimming 

Most dogs love being in the water, so swimming is the perfect opportunity for you to cool off from the summer heat with your furry friend while at the same time doing something that will help both you and your dog stay in shape. 

Dog Park

Going to a dog park allows your dog to release all their pent-up energy by allowing dogs to move at their own pace. Keeping up with your dog is also an excellent workout for owners. 

Play Fetch With Your Dog

Pick up your dog’s favorite ball, and tossing it around with them is an excellent workout for dogs. To make playing fetch more beneficial to you, try incorporating other activities, such as crunches and lunges, so you are not standing in one place. 

I hope this article gave you some suggestions on ways you and your dog can stay active.

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Photo bySamson Katt fromPexels