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What the sh*t? The color of your dog's poop can be indicative of health problems

The standards that indicate healthy poop for one dog won't be universal for all. All dogs are different and have a range of diets but some key features isidentified by inspecting dog poop. The key features that help during this identification are shape, size, consistency, content and color.

If the color are some things aside from chocolate brown it should indicate something wrong with the dog's gut.

Green dog poop indicates that your dog has eaten an excessive amount of grass or has gallbladder issues.

Orange or yellow dog poop points toward biliary or liver issues.

Red streaks in your dog’s poop can indicate that there's blood present. The intense red color of the stool might means fresh blood and signals cuts within the dog's excretory canal.

Black dog poop is often an indication of bleeding within the upper epithelial duct.

Greasy, grey dog poop can indicate a biliary or pancreatic problem.

White specks in dog poop can point to the presence of parasites like tapeworms

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies dog waste as an environmental pollutant- placing it within the same category as toxic chemicals like pesticides. It's time people stop considering dog poop as soil fertilizer, it, in fact, is creating pollution and spreading diseases.
Please always ensure pick up dog poop and for that, we've Curbicus devices to your rescue.

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