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What the sh*t? The consistency of your dog's poop can be indicative of health problems


While other factors are important, consistency can help us determine problems straight away. A healthy dog poop must not be too hard nor liquidy, just firm.

It can have cracks on the surface but mustn't leave any residue when picked. It can be soft and moist too, which lacks cracks but must maintain shape.

If it's super dry and hard, it is indicative of constipation.If such conditions rise you might want to reduce the fibre intake of your dog and feeding your dog more of a liquid based diet and water.

Loose and watery poop is indicative of early diarrhoea, an early action should be adding dietary fibre to your dog's consumption.

As diarrhoea is more harmful as the dog ends up losing nutrients, you should get your dog checked if the problem continues for a while. A healthy dog must be able to recover on its own but this might also indicate an underlying issue.

Please always ensure pick up dog poop and for that, we've Curbicus devices to your rescue.

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Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels