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Tips to Keep Your Backyard Safe for Your Kids and Pets

Kids and pets are naturally curious, playful and energetic. However, while they can’t wait to explore and enjoy the outdoors, you’ll need to keep them safe. This is why it is crucial that you inspect the backyard for any potential accidents that may harm your children or pets. 

 Here are some safety measures you can take, courtesy of Curbicus.


 1. Check, repair, or replace


It’s best that you examine your backyard carefully before allowing your children and pets out to play. Evaluate the playground, the fences, pavements and any other equipment in your backyard for wear and tear. Also, inspect the trees and shrubs for bees and wasps. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides a detailed guideline for children’s safety when using home playground equipment.


 2. Clean up


Check out your yard and be sure to remove any mold. It is advisable to use organic methods to eliminate the mold in your backyard instead of dangerous chemicals, as they pose a threat to your children’s and pets’ health. 


Likewise, prune damaged tree branches and shape hedges. Rake fallen leaves and dead foliage around the plants.


Once you have your yard clean, help keep it pristine by picking up after your dog with Curbicus. You can pick up your dog’s waste without having to get your hands dirty.


3. Install safety equipment


You can install a wide variety of pool safety in your backyard pool to keep your kids and pets safe. These include pool covers, pool alarms, underwater motion alarms, floating motion sensors and pool safety gates. 


A pool fence is also a good idea, as it will not only help prevent kids from accessing the water while you’re not around, but it provides an element of privacy as well. Search for “fence installers near me” and use an online service directory, which provides ratings and customer reviews for most professionals. Make sure the company you choose is insured and licensed, and get a detailed estimate up front to avoid surprise expenses.


4. Keep away hazardous items


Gasoline, oil, lawn fertilizers, home garden pesticides, auto supplies, antifreeze chemicals, and rat poison, though necessary, should be kept out of reach of children. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, one of the most common types of pet toxicities is poisoning from rodenticides. Notably, antifreeze chemicals and rodenticides look appealing, and children may consume them because they are unaware of their danger.


Plants and flowers such as oleander, lily of the valley, crocus and daffodils are poisonous when ingested. Prickly plants and flowers such as roses, cactus and bougainvillea can cause skin injuries to your pets and children. You can either fence off areas with such plants or uproot them and replace them with pet-friendly plants.


5. Fence off some areas


You may need to fence off some areas that pose danger to your pets and children. Other than swimming pools, such areas include ponds and gardens. You may want to fence in the entire backyard, especially if you live on a street with a lot of traffic or in an area with wildlife nearby. There are different types of backyard fences to choose from such as wrought iron, chicken wire and picket. 


When fencing off an area, ensure the fence is high enough that your children and pets cannot go over it. Also, make sure there are no spaces large enough for children and pets’ body parts to be stuck in. The ideal backyard fence is one that helps you keep your children and pets away from dangerous areas while maintaining the aesthetics of your backyard. Fences also help to keep strangers and stray animals out while keeping your pets at a safe distance within your property.


You may find that, if you have enough space, you can earn some extra money by taking care of your neighbors’ pets. Pet sitting is a good source of income for stay-at-home parents, so look into it if you’re interested.


Your home is the safest place your kids and pets have. Make a deliberate effort to ensure it is risk-free all year long.


This article is brought to you byCurbicus, a product that solves two big problems: plastic waste that harms the environment and the gross factor of picking up dog waste. For more information, pleasecontact us today!

By Cindy Aldridge
Photo via Pixabay