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Pet Rescue: Getting Started With Animal Volunteering

Recentstatistics show that there are as many as 70 million stray pets across the USA. Fortunately, for those with the time and impetus, there are plenty of ways you can volunteer and work to help solve the issue - here are some to consider.


The first step towards getting involved and making a difference is to carry out some thorough independent research.

  • It’s important to first understandthe role that animal volunteers have in the lives of animals
  • Working in ananimal shelter is one way to help and can be a highly rewarding experience
  • Alternatively, you could consider volunteering in awildlife sanctuary



As important as what you’re doing is who you’re doing it with. There are a great number of organizations dedicated to animal welfare and looking for volunteers.

  • TheBest Friends Animal Society is a leader in the no-kill movement and aims to make all U.S. shelters no-kill by 2025
  • Alley Cat Allies works with shelters across the country to create programs that save cats’ lives and prevent cruelty
  • With more of a focus on conservation, WildAid (started in 2000) aims to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and increase local support for efforts


Independent Action

There’s a lot you can do as an individual, without having to work in coordination with any of the above organizations.

  • Advocating for a cause on social media is easy, especially usingresize image online tools to create high-quality visual posts
  • Fostering an animal is amongst the most impactful things you can do, as long as you’re equipped to handle them
  • You may even decide toform your own charity organization.


For those who want to chip in and help abandoned or neglected pets, there are no shortages of options. Just make sure you do plenty of research before committing to a decision.


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Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels