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Our Favorite Dog Podcasts

Curbicus’ favorite dog podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with current events, listen to your  favorite comedians, and hear true, unusual stories. Of course, there’s no shortage of podcasts about dogs! When you want something other than the same true crime stories or the monotony of news outlets, consider picking a dog podcast! Here are some of Curbicus’ favorites:

Can I Pet Your Dog?


Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston host this podcast, providing a a casual and funny look into general dog culture. They focus on news about dogs, dogs in the news, and dog facts and trivia. Every episode comes with “CrickCrumBoa,” an update on all their dogs: Alexis’ dogs Cricket and Crumb and Renee’s dog Tugboat. Some well-known podcasters and celebrities call in to talk about their dogs and fans call in to tell heart-warming stories about their adopted and rescued dogs. This podcast is great for those who enjoy casual, unstructured podcasts and of course, dogs!



DogCast Radio is a UK-based podcast hosted by  dog enthusiast  Julie Hill. She features authors, dog professionals, and dog owners with unique stories to tell. The more obscure interviews are very interesting, most notably with Jon Allen, the founder of Monkey’s House in New Jersey, a hospice home for homeless dogs at the end of their lives with severe injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. She has many episodes focusing on dog health and wellness, dog-centric organizations, and remarkable dogs with extraordinary talents. 

No Bad Dogs

YouTube Channel


Hosted by Thomas Davis, founder of The Upstate Canine Academy in New York, No Bad Dogs aids callers with the behavioral issues they’re having with their dogs. They talk with Davis about the particular issues with their dogs and explore various ways in which they can correct it. Davis suggests different products, corrective measures, and techniques to adjust behaviors. The Upstate Canine Academy also has a YouTube channel and TikTok account set in the academy where he demonstrates his behavioral correction techniques on actual dogs with those unwanted behaviors. 

Dog Tales

Though this podcast recently ended, it has a cache of 35 well-told episodes about history’s bravest, most honorable and memorable dogs. From dogs of war to the first “first dog” owned by President Abraham Lincoln, Dog Tales is engaging, heart-warming, and sure to make you smile. The narrator takes the listener back to the 1960s with the original Benji dog, Higgins; the Royal Corgis of Buckingham Palace; and the original Fido. 

Canine Nation

Eric Brad hosts Canine Nation, a podcast of short episodes with bursts of information about motivation, training, socializing, and lessons we can learn from dogs. Canine Nation is Canada-based and the site includes supplemental essays written by the host. The podcast is no longer in production but its archive is extensive and still useful for learning about how dogs think and how we can relate to them/be better friends to them. 

Image by Samson Katt from Pexels

Written by: Lynn Moynahan