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Celebrate Good Dogs, C'mon!

Many of us like to celebrate our birthdays in unique ways and if we’re so inclined, celebrate our dogs’ birthdays too! While dogs aren’t necessarily going to understand that the gathering is for them, humans can use it as an excuse to celebrate their dog and hang out with their friends’ dogs. 

Picking the day:

Some dog owners are fortunate to know their dog’s exact birthdate, either from a breeder, private seller, or other means. Most dogs from shelters or rescues don’t know the exact birth date but there are ways to still celebrate! 

Gotcha day: Some people who adopted a dog choose to celebrate their adoption day, or “Gotcha” day. 

August 1 is the universal birthday for shelter dogs, so if you don’t remember what day you adopted Fido, this is a nice mid-summer alternative. 

Last but not least, you can celebrate your pup’s birthday with your own!

The cake:

When making a dog’s birthday cake, one has to be mindful of the ingredients. Some dogs are grain sensitive and there are many things that can be toxic to dogs, like the sweetener xylitol. There are some box mixes specifically for dogs but if you’re willing to put in more effort and cash, you can make your own. 

Spoiled Dog Cake Recipe • Love From The Oven

Grain-Free Peanut Butter Apple Doggy Cake

Pupcakes! (Dog cupcakes with "frosting")

Grain-free Dog Birthday Cupcakes 


Games and activities

Games are an important part of many get-togethers and of all animals, dogs love to play. If your dog’s birthday, Gotcha Day, or Universal birthday is in the summer, a full kiddie pool is a great cool-off. Some balls and frisbees floating around can be played within the yard.  Likewise, a sprinkler mat can be a lot of fun for the dogs and entertaining for the humans as well!

Paw paintings are a great way to make a keepsake of the party. Using pet-safe paints, furry guests can walk across butcher paper to create painted paw prints. 

For other great activities, visit11 Doggie Themed Birthday Party Games Idea – The Dog Bakery.

When planning a party for your dog, it’s important to take into consideration the people and other animals being invited. Is there enough room to play? Does your dog like other dogs and people?

Having a birthday party for your pet is a perfect and fun excuse to throw a party, appreciate your pet and hang around with dogs. We all know they love attention, food and play!

 Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels


Written by: Lynn Moynahan