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What the sh*t? The content of your dog's poop can be indicative of health problems


Content of dog poop is something not very easy to tell for someone without veterinary knowledge, also many things are microscopic and hard to tell in general.

But we'll have a quick rundown of presence of some obvious things that can depict signs of disease in dog.

If you see white-threads or white polka dots in your dog's poop it might be due to the presence of roundworms tapeworms in your dog's gut. Get your dog de-wormed.

Red streaks in poop are often fresh blood stains. It could be due to trauma or tear in the dog's bottom. Take your dog to the vet.

Presence of cloth, plastic or grass might be due to the fact that the dog had engulfed unnecessary things earlier. This may lead to gastric problems. Keep a watch on what your dog intakes.

Sometimes fur maybe found in dog poop, this is generally when the dog is overstressed or over simulated and faces hair loss. Later this fur ends up in poop. Care for your dog and try to relieve their stress. Your dog might be eating hair due to anxiety.

Mucous in the poop indicates an inflamed colon. Excessive mucous is way of the alimentary canal to cope up with infections. Take your dog to the vet to find the underlying cause.

Please always ensure pick up dog poop and for that, we've Curbicus devices to your rescue.

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