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Solution to issues caused by dog poop : Curbicus' circular model

The only true solution to the environmental issues arising from dog waste is through a circular model.The circular economy we are talking about is driven by the principles of waste elimination, product circulation and regeneration of nature.


Waste elimination

The pods used with the Curbicus device allows for easy zero-contact pick up of waste. This encourages all dog owners to pick up after their pet and plays an important role in reducing toxins released into the environment.

Curbicus’s role in this movement starts with providing compostable capsules pods that will break down into organic matter. Therefore, at a primary level eliminating use of plastics that later fills up dump yards.


Material circulation

The compostable pods used with the Curbicus device, are made with recyclable materials so that it can aid in the circular model proposed. It can be disposed off in Curbicus bins, which will be accessible across the city of New York.


Regeneration of nature

 The waste collected inCurbicus bins will be sent to facilities that provide the proper conditions for it to be turned into a resource, like fertilizer, essentially returning it back to the soil.

Through this circular model, we can start to reduce the 10 million tons of toxic dog waste that end up in landfills each year and replace the hundreds of millions of plastic bags used annually.