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Our Favorite Dogs on TikTok

Tiktok has quickly become one of the largest video-sharing social media platforms, with over a billion active daily users. The easy-to-use app made it simple for dog owners to share their dogs’ quirks, talents, and cuteness. For everyone looking to get their daily dog fix, here are some of our favorite dogs on TikTok!


Bunny is Tiktok’s “talking dog,” pressing buttons with recorded words to communicate with her owners. This  2-year-old sheepadoodle is part of a  large scale Dog Cognition Study at the University of California San Diego. She “talks” about being an animal, her other dog friends, and poop! Her owner Lex Devine has many informative videos on the process, the study, news segments and interviews in the “How to and chats” section of her TikTok account. 


Ivy is a young, sweet dog withshort spine syndrome, a very rare condition in dogs in which the neck is essentially missing. Ivy is one of about two dozen known dogs worldwide to have his condition. Lovingly called “froggy doggy” by her owners and followers, Ivy “hops” around her yard and up stairs. She loves playing with her siblings (Gio and Ortley) and begging to sit on the couch!


Tito, Shadow and Chance are the stars of this account. Most of the videos are of dinnertime, where their owner Trevor Donovan calls out their orders and serves them by seniority. Tito, a bulldog, is first; Shadow, a golden retriever, is second; and Chance the golden lab is last. Each barks enthusiastically as their name is called and Trevor serves them their dishes at the “CK9 Cafe.” Trevor features the antics that come with neighborhood walks, but it’s all going to brighten your day!

Adopting Dogs

Joe is the adoption coordinator for theWayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio. He features recently taken-in dogs and cats that will eventually be up for adoption. He shows the progression of trust building between some of the more scared and nervous dogs and frequently posts dogs being adopted and going to their forever homes. 


According to his owner, Mork was recused from a meat truck in China in 2019. While he looks a lot like baby Yoda with his ears flopping out, Mork is likely a bulldog or pug mix, but his owner Nikki Carvey doesn’t want to do DNA testing, for fear of others trying to replicate the sweet pup’s look and possibly having the same numerous congenital issues that Mork has. Mork is a happy dog, playing with his doggie siblings in the yard, napping in his bed, and sometimes wearing adorable outfits or hats. His owners have created awebsite with Mork merchandisewhich includes blankets, apparel, and a personal message from Mork himself! 10% of the profits go to nonprofits and charitable causes. 

Check out this wonderful interview with Mork’s owner detailing Mork’s journey: 

Sawnee Dogs

TheSawnee Dog Retreat is a retreat in Winston, GA. They offer doggie daycare, overnight boarding, and training services. Their TikTok account features large groups of dogs running through a gate, playing in the fenced-in land, and sometimes just each one individually, tongue out and panting, happy as can be. Some videos introduce each dog by name and the ASMR of them munching on some treats. It’s the perfect account to scroll through when you need some dog therapy but don’t have a dog of your own. 

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Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels


Written by: Lynn Moynahan